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When you plant a seed, you watch it grow. What happens if you plant hundreds of seeds? On top, you see something beautiful - a forest, a garden - but below, there's something greater happening. Something connecting and spreading out into the world: new roots taking hold and connecting.


The first thought to open New Roots Coffeehouse stemmed from the studio: to create a venue for students to perform and relax.  After the original thought was born, ideas of creating a safe environment for people with allergies became my mission.  So many people, including myself, have difficulties dining out anywhere because of food allergies.


It was my dream to create a safe zone where adults and children alike could come and relax, listen to good music, while enjoying coffee, specialty drinks, and baked goods with their choice of almost anything allergy conscious.


A "New" Place. A "New" home to help thoughts and ideas grow and inspire others.

"Roots" that stay connected, that go deeper and help shape the world we see. "Roots" in music - the foundation of all we hear - igniting and inspiring beauty throughout our community and spreading out into the world.


New Roots Coffeehouse  |  Staying Grounded


"Establishing "New Roots"

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